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Great Lakes Roads:
The final segment (and the most complicated part) of the Bangerter Highway freeway upgrade from 4100 S to California Avenue has its preferred alternative selected, and it's Alternative B (Interchanges).

Interchanges will be located at 4100 S, 3500 S, Parkway Boulevard (2700 S), 2100 S/SR 201/1820 S, and California Ave.

About bleeping time. I drove the at-grade segment of Bangerter in August and it can be a slog. The interchange at SR 201 sucks.

Interesting that they're making 201 a Breezewood, a la E-470 at I-70 east of Denver. Wonder if they'll ever find a need to fully upgrade that?

I'm sure in some future decade, interchanges at SR-201 and I-15 (south) will become full system interchanges.  But probably not for another 20 years.

Bangerter Highway's existence demonstrates UDOT's modus operandi:  That it's better to building something "good enough" now and put it to work than to wait forever trying to build the "right" solution.  As a result, we got to use a Freeway Jr. since 1994, rather than waiting another 20 years for a real freeway.  Mountain View is similar, except they build the future improvements into the design, so there is adequate R.O.W. to build it in the future.

The Bangerter system interchanges are probably similar.  Their microsimulation models probably show reasonable Level of Service through some distant horizon year.  And it'll be the job of the next generation to fund/improve on their work.  In the meantime, we have something affordable that does the job now.

The 201 interchange isn't a Breezewood, because the Bangerter mainlaines will pass over adjacent to the SPUI point of intersection with the off-ramps. It's more like a "3-level SPUI" than anything else. It may not need upgrading to a full stack/fully directional interchange for a while.

The Ghostbuster:
Maybe once the Bangerter Highway is completely freeway, they can work on making the Mountain View Corridor completely freeway as well.


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