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US 89:

--- Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on November 06, 2023, 11:15:03 PM ---
--- Quote from: US 89 on November 06, 2023, 11:02:02 PM ---Preliminary work is beginning on the last four interchanges not associated with the 41st South to 201 project. The three in the south end of the valley - at 98th South, 134th South, and 27th West, are being combined into one "Bangerter South" project. Current timeline for that is shown below:

Construction at 47th South won't start until next summer because the Jordan Valley Aqueduct has to be relocated first. When all is said and done, 47th and 134th will be freeway-under SPUIs. The 98th South and 27th West interchanges will be the first two non-SPUI built on Bangerter; it will instead be a "tight diamond".

--- End quote ---

Fixed your information on the 27th West interchange... it will be a tight diamond interchange, not a SPUI.

--- End quote ---

Hmm. you are right. Could swear I saw a SPUI on the 27th West individual project page but apparently not.

98th South and 27th West aren't nearly the level of major arterial that most of the other interchange cross streets along Bangerter are. I bet the tight diamond saves on ROW acquisition costs for interchanges that aren't expected to have SPUI-worthy left turn volumes.

The Ghostbuster:
Are they planning to eliminate the right-in/right-out intersections at S. 200 W. and S. Jordan Basin Ln. (S. 100 W.)? They seem out-of-place for a roadway that will eventually be completely-freeway (save for the interchanges at Interstate 15 and UT 201).


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