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Roads and signage in the Czech Republic

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Roads and signage in the Czech Republic

Summer of 2007 I have been to the Czech republic on holiday. I shot some pictures over there of roads en signage.

Local signage om crossroads in road 605 near Rudná   

Road 236 between KYivoklát and Zdice

Road 19 near ObrataH

3-lane road 34 between PelhYimov and Humpolec   

Road 19 between Tábor and PelhYimov
Construction works on D1 near Praha-Šeberov. Vmax=80 km/h (50 mph)

Construction works on M0 near Praha-Strašnice. Vmax=60 km/h (37,5 mph)

Construction works on R1 near Praha- erný Most. Vmax=80 km/h   (50 mph)

Advertisements on the M0/R1 near Praha-Štrboholy

Advertisements on the D5 PlzeH - Praha   

Advertisements on the D5 PlzeH - Praha
Signage on Czech expressways:


First sign at 1000m (0,6 mile)
1st generation   2nd/3rd generation      4th generation

Second sign at 500m. (0,3 mile)

1st generation   2nd generation   
3rd generation   4th generation

Sign at action point

1st generation   2nd generation   4th generation
(no picture of 3rd generation)

1st generation   2nd generation   3rd generation (green; interchange R1-D5)   4th generation

Distance sign
1st generation   2nd generation   3rd generation   4th generation

Using only capitals on signs proves to be deadly wrong...
(try to read this at 60-70 mph):

(D: Nürnberg, Pilsen, Teplitz, Jungbunzlau, Königgrätz, Brünn, Budweis, Strakonitz)

NB: "Ostatní tranzit" means "trough traffic"

Left exit on an unfinished interchange:

Interchange between State expressway (D, green signage) and State expressway (R, blue signage)


TYebonice interchange

On road 5 from the centre of Prague:



On the R1:



Nice, you sure took plenty of pics!

where do they use blue guide signs instead of green?

no prefixes, meaning that, say road D50 is signed as 50?

D-roadnumbers are shown within a red shield, other road numbers in a blue shield. (4th generation)

So D-roads can be recognised by green signs with red number shields, (example D5 = 5 in red shield)
R-roads can be recognises by green signs with blue number shields, (example: R1 = 1 in blue shield)
and other roads by blue signage. (example: 20 = 20 in blue shield)

The examples can be found in the pictures above.

Not so long ago however only E-numbers were being signposted (1st-3rd generation)...

To make things even more easier: R1 and D1 both exists and are different roads (D1=Praha-Brno, R1=Outer ringroad Praha).


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