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Scariest bridge you've ever driven across

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This beast is the scariest bridge that I've ever crossed:

More pictures are at:

Try this rickety-looking bridge (one of the Wainiha River crossings on HI 560 in northern Kauai):

I've heard that this bridge was later temporarily replaced, or reinforced, pending construction of a permanent replacement.  Overweight loads weakened it to the point that even a small firetruck could collapse it (and there's no alternate route to the northwest corner of Kauai). 

The Tappan Zee Bridge  :spin:

golden eagle:
The Huey Long Bridge in New Orleans, because it feels like it sways. It's currently under reconstruction so I hope it will be better.

No really scary, but the U.S. 80 bridge between Vicksburg and the Louisiana border is very narrow.

The Tappan Zee Bridge is only scary knowing that about a third of the weight of the main span is supported by buoyancy, so if one of the caissons were ever to spring a leak...

The Goethals Bridge is the really scary one. :-/ Way too narrow for an interstate highway (well, it is I-278...). Good news is a replacement is on the horizon.

I suppose it's also worth giving a nod to the Philly-area Delaware River crossings from before the movable median barriers were installed.


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