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Dirt Roads:
The Blue Ridge Road railroad underpass is also going to require a closure of Hillsborough Street (NC-54) at the State Fairgrounds.  Detours will be likely start tomorrow night (Saturday, March 4).  Sorry, the ads on WRAL make this article nearly unreadable.

I'm curious as whether if pedestrian traffic to the Fairgrounds from the south side of the North Carolina Rail Road corridor will still be severed this coming Fall.  It's been a while since I've been to the State Fair, but I could always depend on free parking at the old K-mart at the corner of Western Boulevard and Blue Ridge Road.  Even when the K-Mart was still open, there was never anybody there on weekends when the fair was running.  Looks like Sears has relocated its appliance repair shops to that location.  Only a small section of the parking lot is being maintained.

^ I want to say this got discussed in the general NC thread, but here is a link to the NCDOT layout:

The NCDOT press release from last week announcing the Hillsborough closure mentioned that, once Hillsborough reopens, Blue Ridge Rd will be closed south of the railroad until project completion next year.  So my guess is that for this year's state fair the answer to your question would be "no".

It was mentioned in my RDU Meet Notes.  The link should still be viewable from that thread.

NCDOT is starting a project to resurface Wade Avenue inside the I-440 belt line.


--- Quote from: wdcrft63 on May 02, 2023, 07:32:59 PM ---NCDOT is starting a project to resurface Wade Avenue inside the I-440 belt line.

--- End quote ---

Someone please get them or the City of Raleigh to repave Oberlin Rd. It's awful in its entirety.


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