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Nisutlin Bay Bridge (Alaska Highway) reconstruction


The CBC provides an update on the project to replace the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway:

--- Quote ---The Yukon government is heading into a second year of construction on the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, with several more years of work on the horizon.

The bridge, which crosses Teslin Lake, Yukon, is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway. It's also a major infrastructure project, with the government committing $160 million.

... How will the new bridge be different from the old bridge?

It's quite a bit different, actually. It will have a concrete deck which will be paved, so that's an immediate difference. The current bridge has that metal grate that you can hear as you travel over it.

The new bridge will also have wider shoulders that will allow cyclists to cross over safely. It will also have a separated pedestrian sidewalk and lighting. LED lighting will go across the bridge.

Another new feature is there will be a pathway created under the bridge that will allow pedestrians and snowmobiles to be able to pass under the Alaska Highway. So that's a great feature so that people aren't having to cross a busy highway.

--- End quote ---

Project website:

(PS: I guess there's no "Yukon Highways" or "Territorial Highways" sticky post. :) )

Water's a bit high in that photo!


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