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Coachella Valley Road Meet - October 2023

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I really enjoyed the Fresno Road Meet held last month hosted by Tom (Max Rockatansky). There are many interesting things to see in the area, so I decided to try hosting one on my own in October. I don't have a complete agenda yet, but here's some ideas I've put together. Feel free to message me if you have any other ideas.

Day 1 - East Valley possible visits
Box Canyon Road (US 60/70 early routing)
Dr June McCarroll Monument
New 66th Av Viaduct to Mecca
Location on CA 111 where mud volcano went under highway
Mud Volcanoes at Geothermal power plant
CA 74 in Palm Desert (location of initial scene of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World)

Day 2 - West Valley possible visits
Site of old stone bridge US 60/70/99 in Whitewater
San Andreas fault locations on roads in Desert Hot Springs
The weird CA 18/247 junction in Lucerne Valley
Back way into Big Bear on CA 18
Rim of the World Hwy (this is probably the endpoint as it's a good jumping off point for going back to both LA and points north on the second day) as you avoid Cajon Pass

Suggestion: Gather your best material out of everything listed and make this a one-day event. I don't see enough here to warrant two full days out in this area. I think it's great that you're willing to stick your neck out and host a meet, however be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, especially since you're trying to do a two-day thing right out of the gate. Two-day meets are a LOT of work to put together (and work the best in large metro areas) and while they sound great when you get the idea for them, it's a whole different story when you have to sit down and actually put the work in to host them.

And hey, if you do a one-day meet with this idea, there's no reason why you can't return to this area in another year or two to do a follow-up or cover whatever ground you don't get to this time around.

Makes me wonder if there's a drop-off in attendance on that second day.

Max Rockatansky:
I forgot to reply when I cast my vote.  The dates I’ll be most likely to attend to is 10/21-10/22.  My wife is still deciding if she wants to do anything for October which will likely dictate my attendance.

@roadwaywiz95 - The big problem in making it a one-day event is nothing in California is close to anything else. It's not like New York or even the Midwest where I spent my career. But I get your point. I can drop it to just Saturday, but add the unused places of interest as extra material of interest not done with the event. It can probably be done in a day if I drop the South Salton Sea mud volcano stuff since it's about an hour each down and back. I was going to suggest visitors check out some of the other Salton Sea weirdness like Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain, and Slab City at the end of the first day because none of it is really road related but worth seeing if you're not normally in the area. The rest of the first day stuff is only a couple hours so I could probably do most of the listed Day 2 stuff. I'll have to drive it out and time it to see what all I can include.


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