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2024 Reno Road Meet

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I'm down to attend, given I live here!

I added a date poll to this thread so people can express opinions about potential dates. I am still thinking Fall 2024 and listed every weekend in both September and October.

My target for this was always late September or October, to balance weather with day length and ease of getting around town. I will not announce a date until late winter/spring 2024 at the earliest, both to give people time to express opinions and to make sure the meet doesn't conflict with any festivals, etc. that would close roads and eat up hotel rooms.

The meet would likely focus on Old US 40/ the Lincoln Highway and items along it. There is a lot worth seeing, and it wouldn't be hard to detour to check out area construction projects such as the work on US 395 and SR 445 if they've progressed significantly. Certainly enough for a meet along/near just 40/80 between the CA/NV line and Lockwood. But if people would rather do something around Carson City that focuses on Tahoe and the work in downtown Carson, I'm totally willing to do that next year.

Voted for 4 (9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 10/19); however, I would suggest September to avoid snow in the Sierras for anyone who wants to cross them.

I'm not going to cast a vote since I live in Reno and I'm really open to any of these, but commenting that I would prefer earlier dates. Work travel tends to crop up in later September or October that sends me to Vegas for a little bit, and those dates won't be set before the meet date would need to be set—but ultimately, I think I can finagle that travel around whatever weekend is decided.

I may well be in Las Vegas by the time this happens. If so, this would be a great first introduction to Northern Nevada for me.


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