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Angeles Forest Highway (LA County Route N3)

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Max Rockatansky:
Angeles Forest Highway (Los Angeles County Route N3) is an approximately twenty-five-mile crossing of the San Gabriel Mountains.  Angeles Forest Highway begins at California State Route 14 near Palmdale and Vincent siding.  Angeles Forest Highway crosses the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest to Angeles Crest Highway (California State Route 2).  Angeles Forest Highway was completed during 1941 after the opening of the Mill Creek Tunnel and Armstrong Memorial Bridge.  The general corridor Angeles Forest Highway added to the Freeway & Expressway System during 1959 as part of the once proposed Ells Tunnel project.  During the 1960s Angeles Forest Highway would be assigned as Los Angeles County Route N3.

Wasn’t this proposed CA-196 at some point?

Max Rockatansky:
No, that was Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road.


--- Quote from: Quillz on September 05, 2023, 09:40:12 PM ---Wasn’t this proposed CA-196 at some point?

--- End quote ---

This is the on-paper  Route 249 if I'm not mistaken (196 was a planned connector that was deleted when 249 was realigned in planning maps).

Plutonic Panda:
Are they even going to reopen at this year?


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