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Recently the signs on North Avenue/Walkers Brook Drive at I-95 in Wakefield and Reading were replaced.  Where paddle signs would have been used before, they were replaced with ground-mounted signs constructed with what looks like a design similar to BGS's on the mainline interstates, although much smaller, on two uprights.  Has MassDOT finally retired the paddle sign design, or was this a one-off?

They've been put up on Woburn St in Lowell where it junctions with I-495, so those signs have spread to some other areas I am aware of.

photos plz

Here's an example of the new type of guide signage seen along Derby Street in Hingham:

I passed a similar one approaching the new roundabout with US-7 on MA-23 EB/MA-41 NB in Great Barrington this summer:


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