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Highest numbered street in New England


I'm inspired to ask this question after seeing this topic on the highest house number in New England:
In a discussion on numbered streets in general:
the only New England reference was First through Eighth streets in Stamford, CT. However, I located an 11th St. in Derby, CT, ironically the smallest municipality in the state by area:,-73.0913438,18z?entry=ttu
Any numbered street greater than 11 anywhere in New England?

Big John:
12th St Lowell MA:
Scrolling up goes to 19th St.

Up to 26.

82nd on Plum Island.,-70.8189277,18.71z?entry=ttu


--- Quote from: 1 on November 25, 2023, 09:13:14 PM ---82nd on Plum Island.,-70.8189277,18.71z?entry=ttu

--- End quote ---
Looks like 82nd St. on Plum Island, in Newburyport, MA takes the prize. Interesting street numbering system, with numbers of streets on opposite sides of the boulevard not in sync.


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