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Quick review: I-85 is rerouted around the southeastern side of Greensboro along the Urban Loop; a few years later, I-40 is also rerouted around the south side and shortly returned back to its original alignment through town; US 421 is rerouted to make up for the loss of I-40 (this section is also signed as I-73).

Any new developments since then?

NCDOT has received AASHTO approval for numbering I-840  and I-73 along the segment from I 40 north to Bryan Boulevard and I-840 along the segment from I 40 north to US 70, but has not changed any signage yet.

Note that old US 421 between the loop and I-40 no longer has a signed number.

According to this, the next section is to be constructed sometime this year, between US 70 and the part of US 29 that will also carry I-785 north to Virginia.

That AAroads page is out of date. According to the NCDOT Outer Loop web page, , right-of-way acquisition for the segment from US 70 to US 29 is scheduled for 2015. The next segment scheduled is from Bryan Boulevard to US 220 with right-of-way acquisition to start this year. The rest of the loop is unfunded.


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