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View looking towards Toronto overtop of the recently twinned QEW bridges that carry the highway overtop of the Credit River.  Both directions of traffic have been shifted onto the new span to allow the old bridge to be fully rehabilitated:


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--- Quote from: vdeane on August 05, 2023, 04:23:14 PM ---Last weekend, I noticed that many regional routes are signed with blue shields, which others are signed with white ones.  Why are some blue and others white?

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I would say that in Ontario white is the norm for county/regional routes.

The only jurisdictions that do not conform to that standard (that I know of) are: Niagara Region (blue), Hamilton (blue), Peel Region (black and yellow), and Halton Region (green and yellow).

As to why that particular Niagara Region shield is white, I don't know. Perhaps it's the older standard? No idea.

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You'd THINK that Hamilton would use black & yellow as an homage to their CFL team's colours (Go Ti-Cats!). I know they're having a rough season, but still.

Night view looking southerly along the 404 from Van Horne Avenue in North York taken last month:

Photo looking easterly from Hespeler Road (Hwy 24) in Cambridge showing the progress to widen the 401.  Photo taken last weekend:

What is the typical light pole height on these wide sections of freeway around Toronto? 40 or 50 meters? Or even more?


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