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US 33, VA 33, and US 250 endpoints in Richmond, VA

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I've never noticed that even though I've been through that intersection at least five times since it was revamped(even though a few have been during the Richmond Parade and I'm not supposed to be looking especially if I'm in marching in the band) :wow:

No US 33 end shields in Richmond or the replacement of error US 33 shields as of May 2, 2009 even though there is now a US 250 shield between Harrison St and US 1/US 301 going east   Old US 33/US 250 shields looking from N Monroe St(Note that this is Richmond's fault not VDOT's) 

That US 250 shield has been there since at least 2002 (it was there before RAMZ Hall got built, which was in 2004, and it was there when I originally started at VCU in 2002). I think there's a 2001 decal on the back of it, but I don't remember. US 33/250 were signed a lot better in 2002-2004 until Richmond decided to replace all the traffic signals on Broad between Laurel and Lombardy; this removed a few old uni-signs.

The other sign is a remnant from when US 33 was routed on Broad east of US 1/301 nearly 30 years ago. There's also a very old US 250 reassurance marker a couple blocks east of here.

Incidentally, there's an erroneous US 250 shield on Marshall Street, close to where this sign is. It doesn't say "to" and isn't a trailblazer; US 250 has never been on that part (or any part) of Marshall.

I was in Richmond again yesterday, there is also a new erroneous US 33 shield on westbound Leigh Street at N. Adams Street/Chamberlayne Pkwy. It's not a trailblazer, it just says "US 33 West". Yet, on the opposite side of the same street is a "VA 33 East" shield.

Can anyone state with definitive certainty where the end of US 250 in Richmond is located?

And can anyone give advice on the best way to approach that endpoint from the north? (Coming from DC on I-95?)


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