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Road Trip Report- MN, IA, MO, KS, IL (with pics)

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I can't say one way or another. If they did they were definitely not on the same assemblies with the MO 110 markers, I remember seeing those without any I-35 shield and thought that was odd.

Part III of IV
For part 3 I thought I'd share some photos of the festival, don't bother reading further in this post looking for the usual highway pictures. Over the years I've probably gotten 1500 pictures of the festival. And almost none of them are bands playing. I just don't have the equipment or interest for that. Instead I take pictures of people and things, leaving the band photos for my camping buddy, who has a DLSR that'll do ISO 3200. Here's a few that even people who have no idea what the festival is about might find interesting:

I had just got my camp set up when it got dark and the moon came out. I was soaked in sweat since there was absolutely no breeze that day. The other days it was still 100+ but there was a breeze.

Some flowers. The second photo is my Jeep Grand Cherokee

Red Wing Blackbird. I don't see them in the city but they're ubiquitous in the midwest countryside

Some shady character I found lurking around.

A fixture of the last few years as been sometimes elaborate art projects. A favorite of mine from 2007 was a series of metal cutouts mounted in layers over a metal plate. Most of the time it produced random patterns but each day precisely at noon it produced a cohesive image. This year the most elaborite project was a fully functional wooden ship.

The sun sets on probably the last Cornerstone Festival.

The leader of the pop culture seminars got the idea to take the ship down to the lake, float it, and set it on fire to send off the festival with style. I was listening to them on my scanner, but other people saw them grab the ship and start carrying it down to the lake, word spread and probably 3,000 of the 5,000 people went down to see it. I feel sorry for any bands that happened to be playing at the time. It actually never sank, it eventually drifted onto a sandbar on the opposite side of the lake and never quite burned up. People were saying it's a sign the festival was meant to continue.

Overall, it seemed like half a festival, ending it's run with a wimper instead of a bang. I remember being crowded with close to 30,000 people that came for POD on the mainstage in 2000 and seas of tents, now it was more like people camped here and there, and all the bands playing did so for free. A few ancedotes over the years- Brian "Head" Welch said some of the crowd looked wilder than those at a Korn concert, and President Bush offered to speak on the campaign trail in 2004, but the festival declined to have him.

What are you using for a camera these days?

I have a Canon SX20. It's a "superzoom" with a 20X lens. It can't match the quality or speed of a DSLR but it has a longer zoom range. I have a third party adapter where I can mount standard 58mm filters on it, I have a polarizer and a 5 pt star.


--- Quote from: Mdcastle on July 11, 2012, 07:20:51 PM --- the Wabasha bridge.

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Hell, that bridge was built in the late 1980's. It replaced a VERY rickety old through truss with a unique curved landing on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi.
old bridge:
current bridge:


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