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SR 520 has a new offramp:

Avoids the 3-turn maneuver to get to Overlake Village.

Plutonic Panda:
Some projects could be delayed if more funding isn’t found:

Surprise, reckless spending on expansion when we have a court-mandated culvert replacement backlog AND tons of maintenance to do is a bad idea. The State Highway Plan shows the realistic future for Washington and most of the country: we need to maintain what we can and not overbuild as we have for decades.

Plutonic Panda:
Overbuild? What the fuck are you talking about. Roads in Washington can get very congested. If anything it’s due to being under built. This is due to lack of proper funding. Not some hyperbolic nonsensical statement like “reckless expansion.”

Show me a state with an increasing population, and I'll show you a state where traffic gets very congested.


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