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TN 58 in Chattanooga


Apologies if this has been posted about before, but I didn't see anything about this when doing a quick search just now...

Has the routing of TN 58 through Chattanooga been redone, or does it just run unsigned along the bank of the Tennessee River? I'd noticed that it's signed as continuing straight ahead here where it meets TN 153 & TN 17, while here it has quite clearly been patched over. Nor does it appear at the interchange of TN 153 and Amnicola Highway, though all of these things I've noted appear to have been in place since at least 2007, when street view first came through.
Was TN 58 rerouted away from the riverfront, or are these just errors, not helped by TN 58's unsigned nature along the downtown/riverfront portion?

TN 58 is discontinuous now.

See which shows Riverside downtown as secondary and which shows Amicola as secondary west of TN 319.

So, if I'm understanding right, TN 58 no longer exists between US 64/US 11 and TN 153? Good to know.

Should mapcat be making edits to TN 58 in Travel Mapping then?

The former section of SR 58 from SR 319 (Dupont Pkwy) east to SR 153 was kept on the state highway system, and was made part of SR 319.


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