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--- Quote ---* Paying personal property taxes on my vehicles to the county clerk before picking up license plates from the SCDMV really really sucks! (and it's expensive)
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Tell me about it. I spent four years in Greenwood and another year in Greenville (2000-2004). You think those car taxes are high, they were really high when I was there (10 percent of car's value. I think it's 5 percent now). If you have ride that's six years old or younger, you will feel it.

10% of a vehicle's value every year??  that's incredibly high!  I thought it was bad enough that I had to pay 8.75% sales tax once!

Try paying 8.5 to 9.5 percent (my neck of the woods). The trade-off is that I don't pay car taxes...just $20 every 4 years for my car tag sticker.

S.C.'s sales tax is 5 percent statewide. That's why car taxes are so high.


--- Quote from: brownpelican on February 11, 2011, 06:08:41 PM ---S.C.'s sales tax is 5 percent statewide. That's why car taxes are so high.

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7% now, same as neighboring Georgia, but they eliminated the sales tax on groceries.

And I had to shell out over $500 total for taxes and tags for both mine and my wife's vehicles.  Mine is a 2005, hers is a 2011.

Anyway, back to roads...  I had to drive to Augusta again yesterday, and it looks like my "favorite" stretch of I-20 westbound is about to get remedied.  Right before US 1 in Aiken Co westbound, there was a portable VMS stating "ROAD WORK BEGIN / 2/14 NEXT 16 MILES / EXPECT DELAYS", which would take it to the I-520 interchange, this fixing the worst part of I-20.

This tells me that SCDOT is not so good at updating their website because it's not listed in the Aiken Co Active Projects list.  They only list the I-20 EB resurfacing from US 1 to the Lexington Co line, which currently does not have the final layer of pavement on it and has been that way all winter (though they did slap some reflectors down on it a couple of weeks ago).

Carter passed along two bits of road news:

Fixing Malfunction Junction
$400 million overhaul eyed for perilous I-20-I-26 intersection

--- Quote ---Although specific plans have not been drawn up, officials are already discussing ideas of how to make the corridor safer and more efficient, including:

-  Creating an express lane that would take westbound I-26 motorists who plan to remain on the highway past local interchanges faster. That is, a motorist could leave Columbia on I-126 and shoot out to the Irmo area on a special interstate lane separated from other traffic.

-  Widening I-26 from St. Andrews Road to Broad River Road.

-  Radically changing or enlarging the cloverleaf where I-20 meets I-26. These days, it’s far safer to build elevated ramps, known as “flyovers,”  at such intersections.

Its $400-plus million estimated price tag for an overhaul puts the Malfunction Junction proposed work into an elite state group of only three mega Interstate projects, each expected to cost $400 million or more. The other two are in Charleston, on I-26, and in Greenville, on I-85.

Read more:

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He also wrote that six laning of I-385 has began between South Carolina 146 and the I-185/U.S. 276 interchange. This is being done as part of a massive rebuild between the I-85/385 and SC 146 (Woodruff Road) interchange:


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