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State routes created with "useless" overlaps to give a corridor one number

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--- Quote from: zachary_amaryllis on September 30, 2023, 06:44:50 AM ---What about US 50/400 in SE Colorado?

Seems like 400 just .. ends around .. what is it, Lamar?

--- End quote ---

What about the OP?

US 89:
This was the intent for Utah 30, which got designated over three separate state route corridors (70, 102-69, and 3-51) connected by concurrencies on US 30S and US 89. The three Idaho border counties had wanted one route number to cross the state from Nevada to Wyoming. After several unsuccessful attempts to get a US highway on that corridor, the state created SR 30 on it, both to match with the route number it connected to in Nevada and also because all of their US highway proposals had used a number derived from US 30. That created a fairly long US 30S/SR 30 overlap…definitely not confusing at all…

I’m not sure if either of the overlaps were ever signed well. There is some implied concurrency signage in Logan now but that’s about it. For all intents and purposes, Utah has three SR 30s.


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