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that seems almost long enough to be an I-63.

Stephane Dumas:

--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on January 27, 2009, 02:40:04 AM ---that seems almost long enough to be an I-63.

--- End quote ---

Or a I-61 if I-63 is reserved for another corridor along US45 or in Alabama along US43

I didn't mean call that I-155.  I'm just saying have it tie into existing I-155 in TN then end at I-55.

@Froggie:  I think I can post my wishlist, whether it's not needed now or even in a hundred years.  Passive aggressive douche 10 years ago... Passive aggressive douche today...

How ya been, bra!   :-D

flaroadgeek and I drove the new Mississippi 67 yesterday and all of Mississippi 605 to check them out. Very nice roads so far.

We also checked out the new signage along U.S. 90 at MS 605's south end and U.S. 49's south end. Both intersections have '72 spec'd Interstate 10 MS shields that were installed in December 2008.

I posted some of the photos of MS 67/605 on the blog:

I-10 MS shields will be added later.

Some Mississippi news:

First, there are new Welcome Signs being posted, touting the state as the "Birthplace of America's Music".

So far, signs also have been placed at the Mississippi Welcome Center in Vicksburg off Interstate 20, on I-55 and U.S. Highways 78 and 61 in DeSoto County, I-20 in Lauderdale County and I-10 in Jackson and Hancock counties. Another will go up on I-55 in Pike County this week.


MDOT opened up another 4-lane section on US 84 last week through Jefferson Davis County, including the Prentiss Bypass and a new diamond interchange at MS 13.  There's a short 1 mile segment of 2-lane remaining just east of MS 13...completion of that 1 mile leg will complete the 4-laning of US 84 between Natchez and Waynesboro, leaving just the segment between Waynesboro and the Alabama line (which is now under construction).


MDOT has changed their Hurricane Contraflow Plan on I-59, enabling contraflow operations up to near Milepost 55 (a few miles south of Hattiesburg).  Prior to this, the I-59 contraflow plan only went up to about Milepost 21 in Pearl River County, which caused *A LOT* of consternation during last year's Hurricane Gustav evacuation.

MDOT has the crossovers (but perhaps not the manpower) to provide for contraflow ops up to the south edge of Laurel, and IMO should pursue such.  That'd at least get the glut of evacuation traffic through Hattiesburg, where they'd also have the option of taking US 49 to the north.


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