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I-15/Tropicana interchange rebuild

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Mod Note: Original thread title was "$190 million plan to rebuild I-15/Tropicana interchange". Changed it on 7/28/2022 because (1) the plan has turned into reality, with construction underway in 2022, and (2) the project scope expanded and cost has ballooned north of $300M. —Roadfro

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

--- Quote ---The public got its first look at the $190 million I-15-Tropicana Avenue Interchange proposal at a public open house meeting Tuesday at the Hampton Inn Event Center on Dean Martin Drive.

... The number of vehicles on I-15 near the Tropicana overpass is expected to increase from 245,000 vehicles a day in 2014 to 295,000 vehicles a day by 2035, thanks in part to the new traffic generator in the neighborhood, the arena being built by MGM Resorts International and AEG Live. Volume also is expected to climb on the narrow Tropicana bridge by 48 percent.

... — Onramps and offramps will be expanded.
— Triple-left-turn lanes will be built at signaled intersections.
— The northbound frontage collector-distributor road entrance to I-15 will be lengthened.
— A bridge will be added for Dean Martin Drive traffic to pass beneath Tropicana.
— The entire Tropicana bridge over I-15 will be lengthened to meet height and width clearances.
— The existing flyover ramp will be replaced to meet height and width clearances.
--- End quote ---

The Tropicana Avenue bridge is one of the last 60's era bridges crossing over I-15 left in the Las Vegas area. Nearly all others have been reconstructed through interchange or bigger projects in the last 20 years. It's the last bridge with 3 sets of support columns, which constrains widening of the freeway and frontage roads underneath.

Another aspect of this is the replacement of the southbound flyover ramp. This was the first of the flyover ramps on I-15, and one of the first two three-level ramps in the state.

$190 million on one freeway interchange. Mildly shocking.


--- Quote from: NickCPDX on October 04, 2015, 07:53:41 PM ---$190 million on one freeway interchange. Mildly shocking.

--- End quote ---
It's a complete rebuild of one bridge over 10+ lanes of interstate, extended C/D roads, a new bridge over a parallel arterial (replacing a signalized intersection), and replacing a p probably 1/4-mile 2-lane flyover which won't meet height clearances when the main bridge is replaced (since the current bridge doesn't meet height standards over the interstate). It's kinda involved...


--- Quote from: NickCPDX on October 04, 2015, 07:53:41 PM ---$190 million on one freeway interchange. Mildly shocking.

--- End quote ---

Why?  Sounds cheap to me.


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