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Detroit - Removal of I-375

Started by JREwing78, November 24, 2013, 11:25:14 PM

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Quote from: JREwing78 on May 04, 2024, 05:36:05 PM
Quote from: tigerwings on May 04, 2024, 12:41:17 PMMDOT has reduced the number of lanes on the project.
It makes sense. The road doesn't carry THAT much traffic, and extra lanes work against the purpose of ripping out I-375 to begin with. It sounds like MDOT is genuinely trying to not steamroll its will over that of the locals, which is a positive step forward.

How many wide boulevards are already radiating out of downtown Detroit already (Michigan Ave, Grand River, Woodward,...)?   Turning the former I-375 from a freeway to a 4-lane boulevard into town should be fine if they just keep parking and bus stops off the actual Boulevard in order to maintain clear-flowing traffic while keeping the lights synched for limited stop and go traffic.

If someone is in such a hurry to leave town from Jefferson Avenue @ the Tunnel.  The Lodge is still available...


Quote from: thenetwork on May 05, 2024, 09:21:45 PM... while keeping the lights synched for limited stop and go traffic

You're not going to have the signals synched anywhere when there's one every block.

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