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Author Topic: The I-65/70 North Split Reconstruction  (Read 24264 times)


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Re: The I-65/70 North Split Reconstruction
« Reply #200 on: January 23, 2023, 01:18:48 PM »

70 Westbound opening this weekend


This will be a much welcome opening.  Westbound 70 for the past two weeks has been a mess during most of the morning rush hours. 

Traffic exiting to West Street / MLK has been backed up through the north split most days and nearly to Keystone / Rural a few days. 

This will open up a few more access points to downtown.

Yes, that traffic backup has been nasty. Unfortunately, the opening of I-70 westbound through the split probably won't change all that much. No new exits are being opened. The exit to Michigan Street will be as it was, except traffic will be shifted to its permanent ramp alignment. The only change forthcoming is westbound I-70 traffic will be able to pass through Indy via the split, thus avoiding I-465.

Tough to tell the impact this morning with an accident in the lanes going from 70 to 65.

While no closed exits have opened yet, the opening of 70 westbound does give drivers access to three exits that can access downtown:

East Street is accessible for everyone working at Lilly.  I imagine at least some people have been exiting at Michigan and winding down to Lilly.  Hopefully that takes them off the Michigan ramp.

The Meridian / McCarty and Missouri / West exits are now available for those that work near the south end of the CBD.  I park between Washington and Maryland.  Today I went around to the Missouri exit and came up past the stadiums to access my garage off Maryland.  This was the route I took for more the last 20 years or so pre-Construction.  It was much less hectic than taking 65 to MLK and working down that way.

The opening is a welcome change.

Good points. Glad the opening has made your commute easier. And those accidents on I-70W, oh my, what headaches they cause with the lengthy backups. Hopefully, the opening will bring about a reduction of incidents.


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Re: The I-65/70 North Split Reconstruction
« Reply #201 on: January 24, 2023, 06:07:05 PM »



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