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Route 1/Rice Avenue in Oxnard

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Saw this at cahighways:

--- Quote ---Route 1 in Oxnard is currently undegoing extensive construction at the Pleasant Valley Road Interchange. When this construction is complete in June 2003, Route 1 will be routed onto Rice Ave vice Oxnard Blvd. In 2008, the Ventura County Star reported that on January 1, 2009, the designation of Route 1 will be moved from Oxnard Boulevard to Rice Avenue. That will give the Port of Hueneme a more efficient and direct route to US 101, As part of the Route 1 redesignation, the California Transportation Commission provided $30.5 million to improve and expand the Rice Avenue-US 101 interchange. That project is expected to be completed in 2012. Having control of Oxnard Boulevard will enable the city to undertake a variety of traffic improvement and beautification measures. The city will sequence traffic signals to allow traffic to flow more smoothly and will also install a computerized sensor system to reduce waiting times at intersections, he said. The redesignation of Route 1 also will allow the city to move heavy trucks off Oxnard Boulevard, which also will improve traffic. New landscaping, sidewalks and parking along the main thoroughfare downtown are also in the works.
--- End quote ---

The interchange work at Route 1 Exit 112 (Pleasant Valley) has been completed, with the freeway now aligning towards Rice rather than to the rest of the alignment towards Channel Islands Boulevard.,+Oxnard&hl=en&ll=34.165724,-119.144819&spn=0.012339,0.016479&sll=34.171876,-119.154968&sspn=0.006205,0.00824&hnear=S+Rice+Ave+%26+E+Pleasant+Valley+Rd,+Oxnard,+Ventura,+California+93033&t=h&z=16

(Interestingly, there's a small sign gantry at Channel Islands Boulevard that is similar in dimensions to the late 1950s/early 1960s signs along US 101 in downtown Los Angeles -,+Oxnard,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.171832,-119.154893&spn=0.006169,0.00824&sll=34.17192,-119.155043&sspn=0.006205,0.00824&hnear=S+Oxnard+Blvd,+Oxnard,+California&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=34.171877,-119.154967&panoid=J0Kkmg3HnQamUZUuwLY3Iw&cbp=12,321.1,,1,-0.29 )

Google Street View shows this construction activity at 101/Rice:,+Oxnard&hl=en&ll=34.222573,-119.140794&spn=0.012331,0.016479&sll=34.171876,-119.154968&sspn=0.006205,0.00824&hnear=S+Rice+Ave+%26+E+Pleasant+Valley+Rd,+Oxnard,+Ventura,+California+93033&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=34.222573,-119.140794&panoid=mdVyLj1wNAPHempWVlodnA&cbp=12,5.74,,0,14.06

How close is the rerouting to being finished, and when are new signs slated for posting?

The onramp to South 101 is open, but the western half of the Rice/Santa Clara overcrossing still needs work.  Once that's finished, CA 1 will be re-routed onto Rice instead of the rather confusing "exit at Pleasant Valley and cross the bridge to turn right on Oxnard Blvd." turn people have to make to stay on CA 1.

Also, the city of Oxnard is slowly removing CA 1 references as they replace the street signs at traffic lights.  For example, the signal at Channel Islands and Dupont also pointed towards "1 North."  Now it's just "Oxnard Blvd" with no mention of CA 1 whatsoever.

The interchange work at 101 and Rice appears to be finished, but not sure if Route 1 has officially been moved to the new alignment yet:,+Oxnard,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.222555,-119.142169&spn=0.007159,0.009484&sll=37.269174,-119.306607&sspn=14.095009,19.423828&hnear=Auto+Center+Dr+%26+Rice+Ave,+Oxnard,+Ventura,+California+93036&t=h&z=17

A little surprised that the ramp from 101 southbound to Rice Avenue southbound - the future Route 1 through movement - didn't maintain the old offramp's large radius, making me wonder if that parcel of land will be sold off for development in the future.

I guess all that's left is one more maintenance routine on Oxnard Blvd and the city can take it over. CalTrans is also going to relinquish CA 232 from soon-to-be old CA 1 to US 101, and roll back CA 32 to new CA 1.


--- Quote from: emory on October 15, 2013, 08:16:45 PM ---I guess all that's left is one more maintenance routine on Oxnard Blvd and the city can take it over. CalTrans is also going to relinquish CA 232 from soon-to-be old CA 1 to US 101, and roll back CA 32 to new CA 1.

--- End quote ---

Route 34 you mean. 

I know a 2003 map had 232 realigned to a logical parallel routing of Santa Clara Avenue - would this still be the case?  Would be very navigationally useful for those heading to Oxnard via 118.


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