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 on: Today at 04:12:59 AM 
Started by Alps - Last post by Sonic99
It looks like theyíre going to build a direct free flowing ramp from Loop 303 NB to I-17 NB.

That was done 10 years ago. No sign of converting that interchange into a free-flowing in at least the next 5 years (no mention in the current 5 Year Plan).

 on: Today at 03:40:35 AM 
Started by Plutonic Panda - Last post by Plutonic Panda
Project has started:


 on: Today at 02:29:49 AM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by kkt
2008, when my grandmother died, I bought a couple of copies of the paper that had her obit to send to exended family in other parts of the country.

 on: Today at 02:23:40 AM 
Started by kphoger - Last post by kkt
Michigan J. Frog.

Is he related to Kermit D. Frog?

 on: Today at 01:27:02 AM 
Started by andy3175 - Last post by KeithE4Phx
I was also on Tangerine last week. There's a milepost 34 in both directions in the Oro Valley area. How long have those mileposts been there?

The part of Tangerine Rd where that milepost is located is unsigned AZ 989.  I believe it's only ADOT-maintained west of AZ 77, over the Big Wash bridge, for about a mile and a half.  I think there's a Milepost 35 posted as well. 

AZ 989/Tangerine Rd was proposed about 20 years ago as part of a system of freeways for the Tucson area.  However, mentioning Tucson and freeways in the same sentence is a major local no-no, other than those that have already been built.

 on: Today at 01:07:13 AM 
Started by Fredddie - Last post by machias
Or do what they do in Western NY - they stole the Los Angeles thing of calling everything "The".

"The 33".  "The 290".  "The 198", etc... 

I hate it :)
In Rochester everyone just says the number. 390, 490, 590, 104, etc.

That's a thing across the border in Ontario.  The 401, The 405, etc.  The toll-free portion of the Thruway is The I-90

Back when I lived in the area in the early 90s I always heard "The Mainline" when referring to the free portion of I-90

 on: Today at 01:05:20 AM 
Started by jhuntin1 - Last post by sprjus4
Too many rural cross roads.
What are the traffic volumes on them? How much conflict exists between US-36 and the side streets?

People already driving 70+ today with the current posting.
Raising a speed limit isnít going to cause people to drive 5-10 mph faster. Itís been proven time and time again it would bring it more in line with the 85th percentile speeds and at most speeds would go up 1-2 mph on average.

How come the highways to the capital can have a 70 mph limit, but not US-36? Politically motivated much?
From a planning and liability perspective, I am not surprised they are keeping it down.
A speed study would help determine the best speed for the road. A 70 mph limit would make it a more attractive alternative given it would boast the same speed as I-70.

 on: Today at 01:05:16 AM 
Started by andy3175 - Last post by machias
Tucsonans can complain till the end of time, as far as the Downtown Links is concerned. I've driven it a couple times. It could have been so much better.

I was also on Tangerine last week. There's a milepost 34 in both directions in the Oro Valley area. How long have those mileposts been there?

Yeah, I guess Downtown Links will help some but it could have been so much better. And I guess there's been quite a few accidents already at the intersection with Broadway.

 on: Today at 12:12:54 AM 
Started by US71 - Last post by US71

Improving the I-40/I-55/AR 77 Interchange

 on: Today at 12:10:28 AM 
Started by webny99 - Last post by ilpt4u
Considering I live very near Carbondale, was in the Totality path in 2017 and will be again in 2024

Neat how that works  :cool:

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