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MOD NOTE: Taking a cue from the Northwest and Mountain West boards, I’ve created and stickied this thread as a place for random observations or questions relating to Hawaii–the Pacific Southwest board is dominated by California and Nevada topics, so hopefully this will prompt more discussion about Hawaii. As with the other state threads, if a topic in this thread starts delving into detailed/extended conversation, I’ll likely split that discussion off to a more dedicated thread. –Roadfro


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Here is an interesting drive from AM Drive Hike in Hawaii. It is Pilani Highway

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Bad link.

Here is a better link.

SoCal Kid:
Anyone know why Interstates in Hawaii have I-H[number], instead of just I-[number] or Interstate [number]

Interstates in Hawaii are part of a separate Interstate network from the mainland's. The I- prefix is reserved for the lower 48. Hawaii's network uses H-. The unsigned Interstate networks of Alaska and Puerto Rico are respectively A-__ and PRI-__.

Hawaii's Interstates are sometimes referred to as "Interstate H-__" (not "I-H-__"), but more often just by route number with "H" included as part of the route number. Sometimes route markers have hyphens after the H, but usually not.


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