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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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The last time you took a road trip out of state, where did you cross the state line into the neighboring state?  When you returned what road did you use to reenter your home state?

I left Florida on last Sunday using US 221.  I returned on Wednesday via US 231 from Alabama.  I drove over 2500 miles to do a road trip up to Memphis and back.

Max Rockatansky:
Last fall I entered Nevada via US 50.  I ended up returning to California via NV 28. 

Last weekend on a trip to Elizabeth City and Hertford to see progress on the S-bridge replacement project. Took US-17 both ways across the Virginia / North Carolina border.

The last time I left the state was yesterday.  Drove into Philly via the Ben Franklin Bridge (I-676), exiting at the base onto 5th.  Returning, I took the Walt Whitman, I-76.

A true roadtrip: I-295 across the Delaware Memorial.

A week ago took a road trip from Maryland to Maine and back.  Both leaving Maryland and returning to Maryland was on I-83 (one of the few duplications in my route - I normally do a circular route rather than take the same way both directions)


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