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Author Topic: A Roadtrip of a Lifetime! | April 4th-9th Key Largo / West Trip!  (Read 1224 times)


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A Roadtrip of a Lifetime! Key Largo / West Trip April 4th- 9th!
Part Alpha - An Introduction!
So, I went on a trip to Key Largo and Key West. It was a really fun trip and I really enjoyed it.

Part 1 - The Trip over to the Keys!
I left my home in central Georgia at around 6 in the morning. I took the Interstate 75 southbound ramp. It was a beautiful sunrise as I rode along the Interstate. A little while after, I saw an exit sign with Clearview! I laughed at it and moved on. Exit 69 was not even the funny part,the sign looked very weird. It was around 9 in the morning when I finally crossed the Florida border. I stopped at the Welcome Center and got me some M and M's and some pure Florida orange juice at the counter and the vending machine. I took a break and moved on. Palm trees are scattered across the sides of the road, giving the highway a little tropical touch. I decided NOT to eat lunch on the Turnpike, so I took the exit in Ocala, Florida, at the Chick-fla-a. I ate a chicken sandwich with fries, and it was delicious. I continued a little bit further and went onto the Florida Turnpike southbound. The trip on there was okay and did not have any traffic. It was pretty smooth sailing and I listened to smooth rock music while on there. I stopped for gas a few times and grabbed some pizza for dinner at a service plaza at Pompano Beach, FL. It was not long until I reached US 1, the Overseas Highway. It was a 40 minute drive to Key Largo. There, I slept the night at a ridiculously expensive hotel.

Part 2 - The Overseas Highway!

After the good night's sleep, I decided to go on over to Key West to see some stuff and do some tourism. I went back to US 1 and headed south toward Key West. The ride over there was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I could not believe how blue-green the water was! I went on several Keys and little islands. I went on the Seven Mile Bridge and saw the old Seven Mile Bridge. I seen that some parts of the old bridge is opened to the public as a fishing and walking area. I saw some more old bridges while I looked up the highway's history. It was pretty interesting. I found out that the bridges were damaged by hurricanes. After a while, I arrived at Key West! First, I really wanted to see the southern terminus of US 1, so I went over there. It was really cool! There was also shops there and I picked up a whole bunch of Mile 0 merchandise! I also went to Fort Zachary Taylor as well, as suggested in the suggestion thread. It was really cool, and I loved seeing history. On the way back to Largo, I went out the car for a moment and looked at an old bridge a little bit up closer. I relaxed there and it was great. I took tons of pictures over there and the green blue water.

It was April 8th, and I did tourism all over the place at the keys! I noticed the car weakly turning on, but I did not think too much of it. This was a big mistake. I rode on the Florida turnpike all the way back to the Pompano Beach service plaza to eat lunch. I went back to the car and turned it on. Suddenly, the battery died on the car and I was stuck 450 miles away from home. My friend and I were super scared.  We asked several people about the issue, and one of them suggested to call a Road Ranger. The dude showed up around 2 minutes after we called him and jumped the car. We asked him to follow us to the  gas station because the car might die again. It actually died again. They jumped the car again and went over to a Walmart auto care place in an emergency. The mancanics fixed the car again and I headed back home. It was dark and we were tired, so we went to a hotel. The GPS said that I would arrive home at 2 in the morning, which I did not want to.

Part 4- Back home!
It was a long car ride back, and we wanted to be back home. We rode on the same route back home, and I was still worried about the car, but it was fixed, so I dunno why I was doing that. Anyway, I arrived back home on Saturday afternoon after a long drive home.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! The post is open for comments!
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Re: A Roadtrip of a Lifetime! | April 4th-9th Key Largo / West Trip!
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2022, 12:11:11 PM »

That sounds like fun. I’ve always wanted to do such a trip. I was just in South Florida back in March, but I was hours away from the Keys. I would love to do this one day, but I would also include the Everglades as well.
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Re: A Roadtrip of a Lifetime! | April 4th-9th Key Largo / West Trip!
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2023, 09:51:55 AM »

Sorry for the late reply! Took that route down as a kid myself and this post brought back some good memories. Nowhere else in the states like that for sure. Hope the sun wasn't too killer for y'all.


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