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New Interstate 885 in Durham

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--- Quote from: cowboy_wilhelm on August 24, 2021, 08:14:34 AM ---I should have said temp bridge before instead of old bridge. Who owned/owns it anyway? Is it CSX or Norfolk Southern, or both? Both are involved as CSX serves the customers near Durham, but NS continues to Oxford. I keep hearing about CSX and not NS, though. Not sure why they need a double-track bridge for so little traffic, but I guess they want to keeps their operations separated and avoid trackage rights.

Did the SCL abandon the line from Durham to Henderson before construction started on Falls Lake?

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CSX is the holdup. Per a news story earlier this year (now behind a paywall), the contractor building the new bridge was delayed due to winter weather. The bridge is finished, but it is up to CSX to lay the tracks. Once that is done, the old/temporary bridge can be demolished.

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CSX is notorious for being a huge PITA to deal with. I have yet to hear of any town or contractor that has had a good experience with them.

The only actual work CSX is responsible for is the mainline tie-ins on both ends when the mainline is restored. This is very minor work that happens at the very end of the project, maybe 3 days worth of work. The rest of the work is being performed by NS and NCDOT’s contractor. Sorry guys.

There is a two track bridge for the CSX and NS mainlines. Both railroads have interests north and south of the subject bridge.

Yes, the LCL did in fact abandoned that segment of track you’re referring to.

I saw track workers laying ballast on the new bridge today, hopefully a sign of progress

Looks like more still needs to be done.....

10th st connector took roughly 5 years.

Now this is almost 7 years


I've posted a couple photos taken by Adam Prince along US 70 East/Future I-885 South, one showing why the Connector is still not open, the still standing temporary railroad bridge behind the new one:

The other is at:


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