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Interstate 81 in Syracuse

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--- Quote from: yakra on August 24, 2021, 11:24:38 AM ---The entirety of the roads, or just within Region 3?
Serious question.

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The entirety of I-81, but just within Region 3 for everything else (seeing as nothing else spans beyond Region 3 anyways).

There's actually not much besides I-81: just NY/I-690, NY 481, and presumably the new Business 81 Loop. NY 5 is unnumbered, but it would be nice to see it numbered based on its actual mileage from the PA line.

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I'd been trying R3 to correct the mileposts on the NY 5 expressway; it has the mileposts from the beginning of the expressway instead of from the PA line.  R5 did the same thing on the Skyway, they either removed them or corrected them (I can't remember).

I'm of the belief all interchanges should have a distance based number, regardless of whether the roadway is an interstate or not. R3 has been inconsistent (no exit numbers on NY 690, but exit numbers on NY 481)

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I'd love to see the responses you got and from whom from your "trying."

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It's been a few years since I contacted anyone at NYSDOT (since I don't live in New York anymore), but Region 3 was the most pleasant in that regard. We went back and forth in the early 2000s for "Albany Buffalo" to appear on the guide panels approaching the Thruway on the Syracuse area interstates, and they decided to do it with the following sign rehabs. I pointed out the mileposts on NY 5 being wrong, and the engineer that contacted me said "you're absolutely right" but never followed up on it. They also told me that NYSDOT didn't require interchange numbers on non-interstates. Probably the last thing we talked about was the distance based numbering for the Syracuse rebuild and that was before they decided on the grid, but it's been at least five years since that discussion.

Region 2 was tolerant but cooperative, I knew folks that worked in Utica and I actually interviewed there. They knew who I was before the interview. My bugging them probably didn't help the situation.

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Meanwhile, R1 has basically told me to F off when I contacted them in the past, to the point where I've given up on contacting them. I caught most of the sign errors R1 has installed in the past 5 years in the plan stage, but they refuse to issue change orders.


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