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2020 Road Trip Plans

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Itís a little early, but what does everybody have planned for 2020?
A trip out west, probably to Colorado, in February or March seems likely but has not been set in stone yet. Otherwise, minor plans include a few trips around Wisconsin for miscellaneous reasons and Chicago in August. British Columbia and Texas were on the board at different times in the past, but both those trips will have to wait at least until 2021, if they ever happen.

More than likely one or two trips to NYC, Long Island, and the surrounding region, but probably a butt-load of Florida day trips.

Max Rockatansky:
Apparently Jalisco and Florida are on the board for family visits.  Iím doing a circle tour of Utah or Colorado...not sure which.  Might sneak in Michigan Circle Tour Iím thinking. 

Going to Charleston, SC for my first annual "escape from winter" trip in February.  After that, maybe a trip to Milwaukee or Cleveland to take in a ball game, but not anywhere too far from home base.

Definitely still tentative at this point, but the only states outside of Alaska and Hawaii that I've yet to visit are RI, MA, NH, ME and VT, so next summer's family trip is scheduled to be from home to Boston via Providence, after a few days in Boston, on to Cooperstown via NH, ME and VT, then back home via Niagara Falls and Ontario.  None of the family other than me has been to Canada before, so the return trip through there is what's selling them on driving vs flying.


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