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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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US 89:

--- Quote from: MikieTimT on September 22, 2021, 04:24:14 PM ---US-6 into the Salt Lake metro.  Took I-15 through the most horrid stretch of travel for the whole trip, and it wasn't even close to rush hour!  That metro seems to carry on FOREVER. 
--- End quote ---

That's because you picked the wrong axis. Cross it on I-80 and it'll take you about 15 minutes. :)

Left Arizona on Interstate 10, headed east.

Re-entered on US 160.


--- Quote from: Rothman on September 22, 2021, 11:04:23 PM ---Today:

NY/PA: I-81
PA/WV: I-70
WV/OH: I-70 (it's under major, MAJOR construction in Wheeling)

--- End quote ---

Forgot the rest from the trip:

OH/KY: I-275
KY/OH: I-471
OH/KY: US 27
KY/OH and OH/KY: Cincinnati Roebling Suspension Bridge, walking
KY/OH: US 127
OH/KY and KY/OH: I-71/I-75
OH/MI: US 23 (to US 223, I suppose)
MI/ON: Blue Water Bridge
ON/NY: Queenston-Lewiston Bridge (I-190)

My most recent out-of-province trip:

Exited Ontario on Highway 401 to Autoroute 20 in Quebec

Exited Quebec on Autoroute 5 to King Edward Avenue in Ontario

NY/PA: I-90
PA/OH: I-90
OH/IN: I-80/I-90
IN/IL: I-90
IL/IA: I-280
IA/IL: I-74
IL/IA: IL/IA 136
IA/IL: US 52
IL/WI: State Line Rd/CTH D
WI/IL: State Line Rd/IL 73
IL/IN: I-90
IN/OH: I-80/I-90
OH/PA: I-90
PA/NY: I-90


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