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The committee on the SI Connector met today in Murphysboro. Congressman Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) was in attendance as well

Not much info on the content of the meeting from the story from WSIL-ABC3's website, but here is the story link:

And here is the story from KFVS-CBS12's website:

The Mayor of Murphysboro keeps posting the story links this evening, since he hosted today's meeting

IDOT  could certainly add a few miles of 127 . The only 4 lane projects alive are that 67 and a little part of 34 as mentioned in Southern Illinois Notes.
The Pickneyville to St Louis study will be a long one. Also hard because they will have to look at 127 to 64 as an alternate. That will take forever but they could get they 17 miles of 127 done.Looks like they are .

I think they and IDOT  are using the Mid State connector as a model.

There are a few routes they will have to decide on.

The "Waterloo" route using IL-3 to Red Bud then IL-154 to Pickneyville

The "Belleville" route using IL-15 to Freeburg, then IL-13 to Pickneyville via New Athens

Or a combo, where you use the Belleville route to Tilden and then use IL-4 to pick up IL-154 in Sparta to reach Pickneyville.

I think they should just keep going down past Sparta on IL-154 and just east of Sparta go south and pick up IL-4 at Willisville. Then use the IL-4 route all the way to IL-127/IL-13 north of Murphysboro.  But that would skip Pickneyville and that obviously won't go over too well.

If it was about about making good time from the Metro East to Murphysboro (and on to the MSA), they would skip Pickneyville completely.

If it is about connectivity and economic development, then Pickneyville would be included.

I don't know what the big deal is with Pyramid State Park, it is just a former strip mine with a lot of trees on tailing dumps. I would rather have a more serious highway go by Kincaid Lake and attract more RV and large boat business.

Having camped, swam and boated on so many former strip mine sites in Indiana, I don't see the appeal.

They have done the engineering and land up to Pickneyville so I am sure of that section plus it is getting some funding in current plan.Another route is just going up 127 to 64 . Same distance to downtown and only 18 miles.


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