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Official unretirement and announcing a new meet covering some fun sights in my area. I want to stay away from Scott's meet but otherwise, your suggestions are welcome for a date.

I like the September dates.

Barring unforeseen circumstances or work sending me somewhere (I wish), I'm in if it happens in July or September. This is only slightly further away than Utica and an area I have explored a little less.

I should also note that August 1 is the TRB deadline and I can guarantee that I will NOT be able to get out of Albany that day. That might restrict the attendance of a few other people.

Hopefully I'll have dug myself out of the hole I've found myself in by July.

I can't give specific dates this early (I should be able to in a little over a month or two if things go as they usually do, however) as I don't know when the family picnic will be (it's been mid/late July recent years), and have to confirm some details regarding a potential trip to visit my aunt and uncle in the 1000 Islands in September (coinciding with a work meeting up in Watertown).  As I prefer to keep a free weekend as a buffer against weekends with travel and other things that don't let me sleep in and keep things low-key (something I've been finding is becoming more and more essential to keep me from becoming too exhausted during the week), I can say that the August dates will likely work better for me.

It should be noted that Rosh Hashanah is on the weekend of September 19 this year, officially starting at sundown on Friday, September 18.


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