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Kansas City road meet: October 17, 2020

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I've planned out the route and list of attractions for our tour. Printed copies will be provided.

Here's the Facebook event page for the meet. RSVP there so I can estimate how many to expect, and feel free to invite your other roadgeek friends.

You can bring your own lunch to the picnic shelter of Harris Memorial Park in Lee's Summit around 11:30, or just meet us for the tour that departs at 12:30.

Remember to keep at least six feet away from others whenever possible, and wear a mask when you can't keep that distance. It's currently required in all the areas we'll be touring (Kansas City, Missouri; Wyandotte County; Eastern Jackson County).

I'll be hosting a road meet in Kansas City this October, with assistance from local Gene VanDusseldorp, on Saturday, October 17.

Highlights will include:

* The old and new Lewis and Clark Viaducts
* The elaborate 12th Street Viaduct
* Alphabet Loop
* The "divergabout" in Lee's SummitI'll share the lunch meeting location and the tour route in late summer.

If its the 3rd Saturday then I am 100% in, Sunday I would be in St Louis for a toy show so this would work out great for me, my vote is the 16th :bigass:

A.J. Bertin:
I very much want to attend this meet if I can.  My husband and I are supposed to be away on vacation from October 8 to 24, so I voted for Saturday, October 3.  However, our vacation includes a European cruise which we very well might end up cancelling given all the madness that's going on in the world right now.  So if this meet ends up happening later in October, there's a chance I still be able to attend after all.

I have been wanting to visit KC for awhile so I am considering it.

I might be able to do this one as it is very close by, though October is a busy month for me.


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