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Greensboro, NC, Mini Meet - November 14, 2020

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As mentioned in the 2020 meets thread, I have been considering holding a Greensboro, NC, area meet. After exploring the area a bit this weekend, I am officially announcing that the meet will go ahead.
Where: Fisher Park parking area, 300 Fisher Park, Greensboro, NC 27401
When: 12:00 EST, November 14, 2020. I will be there by 11:30 at the latest, and we'll try to start the tour no later than 12:15 or so.
How: Please bring and wear a mask at all times you are around other meet attendees. Carpool with other attendees at your own risk. Eat lunch before you come or bring lunch to Fisher Park if you'd like - there will be no lunch meeting beforehand. Use common sense in terms of your state's travel restrictions.

I have a rough itinerary put together already, but will be fine-tuning it and releasing it later. For now, I just want to gauge interest. Potential sights include:

* The newest completed sections of I-73 and I-840 in and north of Greensboro.
* Construction progress on the final segments of I-840 on the north side of Greensboro.
* The US 64 bypass of Asheboro, scheduled to be completed in September. (This will probably be optional, since Asheboro is a solid 25 miles south of Greensboro.)
* The multitude of boulevards and urban interchanges throughout Greensoro.North Carolina is currently a hotspot for Covid-19, so I think it's safe to assume it will still be an issue in November. Thus, this meet will likely be a bring-your-own-lunch, socially distanced, mask-wearing affair. More details will be determined once the date comes closer.

Please let me know if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions - this will be my first meet host, so I'd like to make it a good one.

It would be best to avoid Halloween or the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Add to option list the new section of Future I-74 in Winston-Salem, which is 20 miles west of Greensboro.

A.J. Bertin:
I'm very interested as long as I can swing it.  I voted for November 14 because it's far enough away to be a good buffer after a long-distance road meet I'm attending a month before this (Kansas City) and because it's still early enough in November that the likelihood of winter weather affecting my travel will be low.  If this meet happens on November 7 or 21, I might still be able to make it despite them not being my first choice, but if October 31 happens to be the date, I probably won't be able to make it.

Interest but no preference, for now.

I’m cautiously interested. This would give me a chance to clinch US 311, and I haven’t explored Greensboro itself since high school. Under normal circumstances I’d recommend Elizabeth’s Pizza, but that’s obviously moot for now so Sheetz it likely is.

I can’t remember much of interest road-wise that was there 20 years ago, but I distinctly remember some signage remnants of US 421’s old alignment of Market Street in the Colfax area. Greenout and such. I’d be surprised if it’s still there.

ETA: The Goog shows a “421 Market & Grill” in the area to this day, but that’s it. The exit to Colfax off 421 looks like it’s been completely revamped since I was last there.

any green 40 signage still around?


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