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Thinking of a roadtrip from Vegas to, I guess, Barstow (?). It mostly to drive it for the sake of driving it.  Has anyone drove the Old Spanish Trail through Charleston View and Tecopa?  Is it worth the drive?

Any options or specific directions I should look into?

Ain't much there. Not sure what the state of that road is these days, it's been several years since I've been out that way.

I remember it being fairly pretty in the western part because of the terrain.

The only time I drove it, it was full of RVs pulling toy carriers, because everyone was going to the big annual Halloween event at Dumont Dunes. I suspect most of the time it's deserted.

Bumping this --- simply because (1) I drove the road today and (2) maybe somebody else some day will be researching this.

Not much out there.  The road doesn't have "majestic" scenery, but it is scenic in its own ways: the desert scrublands, Mount Charleston, the Nopah Range.  One 2-mile stretch that is some fun mountain driving.  Very light traffic - I counted 2 cars going the other way in my traverse from NV-160 to CA-127, and that was in the 1-2 PT hour.

I was only on the road because I was driving Vegas to LA and it provided a very easy (arguably "cheap") way to clinch Nye County, Nevada, which is the only county I was missing in that part of the country.


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