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Ohio: Findlay-Toledo Corridor Meet -- Late Spring/Early Summer 2021?

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With the hope that conditions will be improved by that point (and if not, format of the meeting will be adapted), we wanted to look at organizing a Findlay-Toledo corridor meet along I-75 are surrounding highways in northwest Ohio in 2021.  We have an eye on the late spring/early summer timeframe (likely June or July), although it could go to later in the year if that was preferred.  With I-75 now 6 lanes from Findlay northward, major interchange reconfigurations and other major work on the freeways around Toledo since 2014, and the work on the I-75 interchange with US 68/OH 15 on the south side of Findlay in the spotlight, we wanted to start gauging interest in this meet, and get an idea of what time frame would work well for you.


Sean Lyons and I

A.J. Bertin:
I added this meet to the list of tentative/planned meets for 2021 in the 2021 Meets thread on the forum.

I'm not sure how interested I am in the Toledo portion of this meet (mainly because I've already attended two Toledo-based road meets over the years), but the Findlay portion of this meet definitely interests me.

My decision as to whether or not to attend this meet will depend on the timing of the other meets that I'm already eyeing for 2021... some of which are already in the works for spring/summer.  Most of the time, in order for me to attend two road meets that are within a close time frame of each other, I would need at least a two-week buffer between those meets.  Also, I would hope that two meets would not be scheduled to take place on the same date because it would force folks to choose between the two.  However, that's just me... and I wouldn't expect a host to choose a date for a meet based on one potential attendee's preferences.  But having said all of that, I would like an opportunity to explore the Findlay area in some depth... so count me in as a possible attendee for at least that portion.

Would you consider creating a poll that lists possible dates of this meet and asking folks to vote on their preferences for dates?

I'm interested and don't want to conflict my Cumberland/Western Maryland meet with yours. I was thinking June 26th for my meet to have it in between my birthday and my daugher's birthday but am open to other dates.


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