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Bridges that were designed to carry no traffic

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--- Quote from: kphoger on July 13, 2021, 03:46:25 PM ---What bridges were built for reasons other than carrying traffic of any kind—not pedestrian, rail, vehicle, or otherwise?
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Years ago, there was a coal conveyor system that crossed WV-93 in Bismarck that carried coal from the mine located north of WV-93 to Dominion Virginia Power's large coal-fired Mount Storm Generating Station.  I presume that the supply of coal that could be recovered from the mine at the other end of the conveyor ran out, and so the conveyor was shut-down and dismantled (this was years before ADHS Corridor H was constructed in this area).

US 89:
There is a coal conveyor system in Utah’s Wasatch Plateau that begins at the Skyline Mine and crosses SR 264 and SR 96 on its way to a railroad terminal just north of Clear Creek.


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