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--- Quote from: vdeane on July 26, 2021, 07:46:39 PM ---New Brunswick will be ending all of its restrictions on July 30.  Not sure about the other Atlantic provinces.

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If that's the case, then unless the others enact new rules, all of them are de facto null and void since you're allowed to travel from one Atlantic province to another without restriction.


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If that's set up similar to how they did it last year, that's not actually the case.  They still had checkpoints internal to the "Atlantic Bubble" and only residents of those provinces were allowed to pass through freely.

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Gotcha, I misread the pages.  Either way, I'll be pre-registering if it's still around when it's time to do so.


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Just going to bump this here as opposed to making another thread, but it looks like the only province I'm visiting that has special entry requirements at this point is PEI from everything I'm seeing.  Can anyone confirm or deny that?  (Again, I'll be entering Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia). 

I tried to do my ArriveCan registration today just to get a head start, but you can't even fill it out until 72 hours before arrival, which I find a little strange.  I know the Covid test has to be done within 72 hours, but you'd think they'd let you enter your plans ahead of time.  Additionally, I'm trying to do my PEI Pass, and the website is down, so I don't know when I have to sign up for that, but hopefully I can keep trying throughout the day.

EDIT - Finally got PEI Pass to load and I submitted.  No approval yet, however.


Tomorrow morning I'm taking another Port Richey to Polk County excursion, but the Great New York Tri-State crusade of 2021 is still on for late-November. I've even considered an exact date now, but I'm not telling anybody just yet.

We bought a new Tucson in April, but we also have a preschooler who can't last more than a few hours in the car without a break.  We did drive to the Madison, WI area and Wisconsin Dells over Father's Day weekend, and Plan A was to drive up to the Mackinac Bridge walk and then drive home via the UP and Wisconsin (all of this would have taken place over the course of about a week), but we rented a cottage in Grand Haven instead.

I realize these probably don't meet the definition of "road trips" for many of you.

I still have plans to drive to Asheville in November, but I'm driving by myself, which will make driving straight through much easier.

As for kphoger's plans to drive here, unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball, but I wouldn't expect any additional COVID-related precautions beyond masking up indoors, and I believe the only venues that are requiring timed entry are the ones that were doing so prior to COVID.  A number of venues are planning to require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test for entry, though, so make sure you bring your proof of vaccination or a photo of it.

US 89:
In a few weeks, I will be driving from Atlanta up to Durham for a mini-family reunion of sorts. I'll have pretty much a whole day to get up there, so my plan is to take the longer, more scenic route for the day out. I'm thinking US 19 from Atlanta up to Asheville and then basically I-40 across the state, with likely a few minor detours to grab 3dis or little segments of US routes I've never been on at all.

I will be a little more pressed for time on the return trip, so I'm just going to take 85 the whole way back down. Which is fine as I'm missing some 85 segments in SC and I still haven't been to a lot of the counties along that stretch. I should be able to take a short detour into downtown Charlotte though and probably clinch I-277.


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