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What road feature does your state have that makes you unique?

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New Jersey has an abnormally high number of jughandles.

Max Rockatansky:
California; cutout shields, Postmile Paddles, and copious amounts of button copy.

Florida uses concrete signal poles that are square.  Georgia uses round ones and spans all wiring to a box within, so Florida is unique in that way.

Ohio: dancing arrows, whatever this bell-shaped freeway lighting pole is called, button copy (much less than even 3 years ago though), abnormal amount of US/state routes mixture, one of 6 states to have the clown of the interstate system: I-75.

I don't think I've seen another state besides Indiana that have service signs like this or place "WRONG WAY" signs behind exit gore signs.

North Carolina: roundabouts, obsession of new interstates, superstreets, and center turn lanes.


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