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Why wasn't the I-355 extension to I-57 more seriously considered?

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In 1993, ISTHA was authorized by the legislature to extend I-355 south to I-80 and further to I-57. As we know, the former opened in 2007, while the latter never got past being a concept.

The excuse was that a further extension to I-57 wasn't needed unless the Peotone airport was built, but in reality, it was needed regardless due to the Illiana Expressway. It could have connected with the Illiana and provided a more direct link back to I-80. Yet, they allowed a bunch of development south of I-80 to prevent a further extension. Why?

There’s a residential subdivision in the way at the south end that shouldn’t have been allowed to be built.

I think that's why the Illianas connection to 80 was 55 or a connection to the prairie parkway. Illinois along with the crosstown still exist as unconstrained months 2050. But 53 is there too. Illiana is out of the Indiana plan though.

Btw Kane county 2050 is out. Most of the state highways wish list is route 47.
6 lane of tollway to Illinois 47.

Rick Powell:
There was once a corridor that connected to I-80 somewhere west of the US 30 interchange that was included in New Lenox's land use plan. The corridor disappeared somewhere in the early 2010s.

The Ghostbuster:
I think Interstate 355 was lucky to get its extension to Interstate 80. I'm not sure any further extension of 355 would have been successfully constructed.


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