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Beam transport malfunction

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Rick Powell:

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Good, it wasn't just me.

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Fast forward to 2121. Beams don't get stuck under bridges any more - they just fail to materialize at the job site!

Then there's this incident that happened in Luling, TX a few days ago:
A truck hauling a really long wind turbine blade got hung up on a railroad crossing while trying to make a right turn. Couldn't get out of the way in time.

One might ask: why was the truck was making a tight turn there? The truck and its support vehicles had to go through Luling to get from point A to point B. They were probably coming from I-10 heading to either San Marcos or Austin. There is no bypass around Luling. The way San Marcos is growing TX DOT will probably need to build one soon -as part of a freeway or toll road spanning between San Marcos and I-10.

What we got back...didn't last long.

I guess he had been to the T/A and was getting back on I-30. In this stretch of I-30 there aren't any truck stops on the North side of I-30. Love's in Mount Vernon or Circle K in Greenville are about it. I am not sure either of them is any better trying to manipulate a load that size.

He was trying to drift in order to make that turn faster and miscalculated.


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