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Author Topic: Prophecy for I-40 East of Raleigh  (Read 1978 times)

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Prophecy for I-40 East of Raleigh
« on: October 09, 2021, 11:52:25 PM »

The traffic reporter for WPTF noted that Thursday was the fourth straight day with a major accident in the westbound lanes of I-40 east of Raleigh during rush hour.  He predicted that the event would precipitate many commuters to start completely avoiding the construction zone for widening of I-40.  I didn't hear of any more accidents on that section of I-40 on Friday.

If his prediction holds true, then the only key parallel route (NC-50) will start getting more traffic than normal, as will some/all of the outlet routes (NC-210 west to NC-50 and NC-55, NC-42 east to Business US-70, NC-42 west to Cleveland Road to Ten-Ten Road).  Also, it might affect some smaller parallel roads such as Raleigh Road/Maclemore Road, Matthews Road, Raynor Road and/or Cornwallis Road on the east side, Sauls Road/Jordan Road on the west side.


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