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Full NYC Skyline view from a road

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You can also get a full, if distant, view from the Bayonne Bridge. I was very lucky to catch a view of the shuttle Enterprise being piggy-backed into town on a 747 while crossing that bridge. (I knew it was happening that day so I knew to keep an eye out, but it was only sheer luck that I crossed the bridge just as the flyover was crossing New York Harbor.)

Pete from Boston:
The BQE around Calvary Cemetery.

Pete from Boston:

--- Quote from: NJRoadfan on October 10, 2021, 07:03:35 PM ---NJ-3 East in Clifton has a nice view:

"America's Highways: 1776-1976" has a nice shot from the First Watchung Mountain from West Orange showing I-280 and the NYC skyline in the background. Its surprisingly hard to see NYC from afar on a highway in NJ for some reason.

--- End quote ---

Not that surprising, Bergen Hill blocks the view of pretty much all of Manhattan.

There are a couple of spots on 46 in the Lodi area that have some good views like this, but they're pretty fleeting.

I-78 East from exit 56 to Holland Tunnel and also RT-495 From I-95 to Lincoln Tunnel Helix


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