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US 90 in Houston

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There used to be signs that indicated US 90 was multiplexed with I-610 north of I-10 and even had the town of Liberty indicated as the control city.

It seems like it would be less confusing to just truncate US 90A to I-10 and then route US 90 directly onto the red path

I agree with njroadhorse on the above post.  Also....they COULD sign it.  Just saying... :)

Dr. Zoidberg/njroadhorse - Once the Crosby Freeway makes it to the 610/10 east interchange, that rerouting of mainline US 90 wouldn't make sense anymore...until then though, it's probably a good idea.

I thought it overlapped with I-10 between Katy and Downtown, then followed Liberty Rd./Beaumont Highway northeastward.


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