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US 67 Update and New 5 Year Plan Illinois

Started by 3467, April 15, 2010, 04:30:50 PM

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Cap Fax has link to the 67 story and to IDOTS new 5 year plan Not much change from last year except

Galena Bypass engineering is back -perhaps to keep project on life support
Looks like a little more money for 67 actual construction in Jersey and Morgan counties
34 is here in Henerson County and Kendall and Dekalb
US 51 and US 45 as mentioned elswhere

Plans to 6 lane 74 were dropped I dont know if 57 is in here or not

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Somewhat related article dealing with IL 255 and US 67:

US 67 will be getting $23 million for work from IL 255 to the Jersey County line, plus $3.8 million for a flyover somewhere.

Just seems like two years to build a simple overpass over Humbert Road for IL 255 is too long.

EDIT:  Looked through the new 5-year plan and didn't find mention of projects for finishing IL 255 :hmmm:

Other plan comments:
* I-255 gets much needed repairs in the accelerated construction program.
* District 9 has $156,000 for FY 2011 for an I-66 feasibility study Paducah to Cape Girardeau.


I was wondering too. None of what is in the article is in the 5YP. This group has a lot of clout so I wondered if all the funding got moved into 2010. There are a lot of structures it may take a couple of years to finish even if fully funded?
Anyone else think this will be the last non toll freeway in Illinois?

I was once tod by someone high up in IDOT that there are "phantom" Studies I 66 looks like one There was another one that becamse the Illinana so sometimes they survive

Other items i noticed
US 50 looks like only 40 miles or so from US 45 to the exsiting 4 lane
US 45 near Texas City is still in it
There is some money for the Gateway Corridor

There are nominal funds for the Galena Bypass
US 30
IL 29 near Peoria
IL 336 Peoria to Macomb

The bulke of add lanes is 67 51 and 34

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The Gateway Connector funding was only for land acquisition to protect the corridor; even IDOT personnel in the district didn't know when the EIS process would start for it.

More highlights:

* I-74 is supposed to get preliminary engineering for a new interchange and US 150 connection east of Chambana.

* Lots of PE for I-55 around Springfield; I don't suppose this could be for a much needed widening?


As I was told once ...Roads around Sprigfield tend to get built....It is needed on 55 and some of the interchanges are really bad.
One road that didnt was IL 97 to IL 125 west of town I dont know why Traffic Volumes warrant -over 10000 vpd

Here is on in Dist 4 -IL 91 in Dunlap additional lanes only 5000 vpd


It does look like I-255 was moved into the 2010 budget but the updated text is still somewhat confusig

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As of today, there are two brand new, completely built bridges on US 67 not too far north of the curve where IL 255 will end that are waiting for any connecting pavement.  I think it was this area:

Closer to the curve where IL 255 will connect, there has been some utility relocations and an abundance of survey flags.


Thanks! Great news keep us updated

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I just went through the 5 year plan again and this is it for FY 2011 in ALL Illinois as far as adding lanes or system expansion. If anyone is going to be in the area it would be great if you could post some pictures.

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Corridor 67 Update meeting
Tuesday August 31 in Macomb . There will be Federal and State Legislators and IDOT presenting the Update
Its a $15 lunch . I dont know if the moderators want these types of events posted
I have the other details and contacts if anyone is interested. They have then 4 times a year between Macomb and Alton

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Article in the Alton paper regarding the US 67 corridor, but the author is apparently confused on the differences between a freeway and an expressway:


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Plans for US 67 from IL 255 to around Dehli:

Couple comments:
* (Sheet 162)  Looks like IL 267 is being truncated back to the IL 111 intersection near Medora.

* (Sheets 166 and 167) The signage for the IL 255 - US 67 interchange is poorly done IMHO.  There really should be some overheads or at least a diagram indicating that US 67 exits while the road straight becomes IL 255.

Plans for the last section of IL 255:

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The April 29th letting has a signing contract (76E76) for IL 255: but as of this post the plans are not yet available.

The control cities for the final segment appear to be "To I-270" and Godfrey. 

Also interesting that this project will use the vierendal (spelling?) truss design for an overhead sign structure, while elsewhere in Illinois this design is being replaced with a more standard truss design.


The Newer 5 year plan is out today. I have not gone over it all yet but here is a new study related to 67/IL 255 . The article points out more traffic when 67 is 4 lanes to Jerseyville and beyond. Those are hopeful words for IDOT.

The full plan is on page one


QuoteDriven by the Illinois Jobs Now! capital program, the statewide multi-year plan for fiscal years 2012 through 2017 will improve 3,248 miles of road and replace or rehabilitate 611 bridges. In the upcoming fiscal year, the state is expected to improve 490 miles of road and 105 bridges.

Actually, it's a six year plan as it includes all of the fiscal years 2012 through 2017.  (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
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Interesting how the possible expressway for US 67 (the Alton Godfrey Expressway, on Page 20/34 of the District 8 project listing) between IL 255 and IL 3 popped up so quickly, yet the Gateway Connector only gets land acquisition, and several other routes that need widening (I-270 and I-55/70 east of I-255) are not getting anything.

I hope IDOT considers how the Alton Godfrey route will likely lead to/require widening current US 67 between IL 3 and downtown Alton


This is really strange since the Alton mayor knows nothing about it! This is the only new project of any significance in the state.
Several others including 67 seem to be dying on the vine. I didnt see the need to update the major projects since there is nothing to update.
What I can say is next time IDOT crys poverty I would mention this to them


Its more likely the rumored Alby Road Extension that Godfrey is planning, but it could also be a new road or an upgrade to US 67.

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Quote from: 3467 on April 10, 2011, 04:18:38 PM
Several others including 67 seem to be dying on the vine. I didnt see the need to update the major projects since there is nothing to update.

US 67 seems to be one of the most active corridors, with lots of final plan development and possible development of the Jerseyville Bypass in District 8, plus construction of another 6.44 miles west of Jacksonville.

There's also some work on US 51 from Assumption to Pana, and on IL 29 around Edinburg.

Page 7/21 of the listing for Will County in District 1 has IDOT apparently reimbursing ISTHA for the southern extension of I-355.

Another of the major new projects seems to be a possible new bridge for I-474 across the Illinois River.


Did you notice the cost? The 67 segemnt near Jacksonville was estimated @ 6 million per mile when it was first put in Now its 8 million! This is sure to be a problem . I agree 67 is . Most of the land and engineering is done between Jacksonville and Jerseyville.
Not much north of that ex some surveys and land near Macomb. The 2 lane urgently needed reconstruction is not there for Warren County.
US 34 seems to be just the Biggsville ByPass sine the flood control issues near Burlington. I suspect that will be about that for that project. Theres is an ongoing study for US 30 and US 50 as well as IL 336

There is a really interesting project on Illinois 47 north of Interstate 74. Its a reconstrcution with shoulders. It does not have any now . IDOT has it at 800,000 per mile . I would really be interested in finding out more about it


Some updates on other projects as well(110,336)IDOT had promised a mosltly continuous passing lane on the strech of US 67 the article mentions 20 years ago but backtracked.
Of course had thye done so it might have convinced others wanting projects that this might be the way to go and saved IDiOT billions



Another update: The dirt is moving on the 6.6 mile constrcution zone. Sorry I didnt get pics. It looks like IDOT may have added and interchange at the Arenzville road.
Has anyone got an update on IL 255 and US 67 to Jerseyville Construction?

Also there is a public hearing on the reconstruction of US 67 North of Monmouth. A shoulder is to be added and curves and Intersections are to be reconstrcuted ...when IDOT finds the money.
The Hearing is October 26 from 4-7PM @Lincoln School in Monmouth.

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There is definitely an interchange planned for Arenzville Road.  IIRC Quincy and Taylorville will make appearances on the distance signs after that interchange (due to the IL 104 multiplex).


I know i have always found that so strange esp since 72 and to a lesser extent US 24 are the Main routes to Quincy. Mt Sterling would make more sense because of the large number of DOT Foods Trucks heading to 72 east.
It looked the 104 Bridge replacement at Meridosia would be through town again because of fogging issues from the Ameren power plant. Ameren is going to close that old coal plant so there could be a southern bypass which swing offf Illinois 99 and remerge on Illinois 104 before its future interchange with 67.
I will report back on what IDOT has on 67 north . Anyone have any comments I could pass on to them?


won't be able to get a real update on the 255 and jersey area until next month, currently on nights right now.  The rumor mill is that a section of 255 from Seminary to Humbert could open in time for the holidays.

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