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Anyone play Cities: Skylines yet?

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As the title asks, has anyone played Cities: Skylines yet? I have, and it's definitely one of my favorite games already. It is at least 500x better than what you could call the last SimCity (not SC4 - that's the last GOOD one!), and even better than the new CitiesXXL game that literally was a repackaging of their last game with a few UI change. Skylines feels like what a city simulator should be. It's not overly challenging and if you're coming from SimCity, you should be able to get going with relative ease. Of course, there isn't any tutorial in the game, minus a few helpful messages, so if you're struggling, it might help if you watched a getting starting guide.

Other than that though, the game is really amazing, and it's a good deal - $30! That's for a full game, with great modding and customization. Also, my laptop plays this game great, but I still have decent specs. Older computers will most likely choke on this game.

I was playing around last night with unlimited money and everything unlocked, and eventually, my game crashed. Before that happened though, I took a screenshot showing what happens when the water decides to become sentient and take over your town:

That looks like a great game! I haven't heard of it.

Last time I played a game like that was Sim City 4, which I really enjoyed, and still fire up every so often.  I may have to invest in this one, though.

My roadgeek part of me must ask, do you get to determine the type of interchanges you place?  How's the road design?  My favorite part of Sim City was always building my highway network.


--- Quote from: OCGuy81 on March 12, 2015, 12:45:42 PM ---My roadgeek part of me must ask, do you get to determine the type of interchanges you place?  How's the road design?  My favorite part of Sim City was always building my highway network.

--- End quote ---

You have a road tool in the game that allows you to just point and click where you want segments to be. You can make straight roads, curved roads, or roads that have odd shapes all extremely easily. In the highway department, each highway carriageway is a separate entity from one-another; you have to place two highway pieces traveling opposite directions to have an actual highway. You can easily build elevated roadways by pressing page up, and you can build up to 5 levels. The only thing I don't like too much is how awkward the angles for merging and off-ramps are - they are more like exits that suddenly appear, with no acceleration/deacceleration lanes. Of course, with modding support, there's a chance a mod comes out that enhances the highways. For the most part, the massive map size allows you to really get creative with your transportation.

You can build your interchanges from scratch, or you can download pre-built ones in the Steam Workshop. Unlike the NAM/RHW mod in SC4, it's not a bitch to use - and it doesn't spaz out 90% of the time. The only problem is that technically speaking, highways are at the same grade as other streets, unless you preplan the highway network in the map editor - except you can only place highways there, not other things, but you also can terraform the terrain.

My cousin told me about this game yesterday, may have to look in it. Is it available in stores or on Steam?

The problem RHW always had was the large amount of puzzle pieces needed, having to conform to the SC4 grid, and an obsession on the part of the developers of conforming to the stated 16x16 meter tile scale even though Maxis NEVER followed it for road, tree, or building design (or anything, really).  I would expect the Cities: Skylines highways to be much less annoying even though they're essentially the same thing because the game is actually designed for them (rather than hitching a ride on a dirt road system that was never used) and Skylines doesn't have a tile grid.  SC4's RHW is very much hurt by the workarounds it had to employ to even exist at all.

As for specs... they seemed really high when I looked at them.  Even the desktop I bought last year doesn't meet them, and probably still wouldn't even with a video card upgrade.  There's no chance that my laptop would be able to play it (especially since I only have a 32-bit copy of Windows 7; I can't even get a 64-bit version because my copy of 7 was a free upgrade from Vista; the video card and CPU are also both too old even though it was a high end laptop when I got it five years ago).  You definitely need a gaming system for this game.


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