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Hello from New Jersey!

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Hello everybody! My name is Matt, and I have been a road enthusiast since I was like 6 or 7. I am from Somerset County, New Jersey, and I always love traveling around the state and to other states as well. I am working on a Google My Maps that showcases strange roads all around the US, it's not quite ready yet but there are a few surprises on there.  :-D

I used to be able to memorize all the exits on the Garden State Parkway from 129 to 38, and while I have forgotten some of their names over the years, the roads of New Jersey have always been one of my best interests. I also have a fascination with stub roads that I cannot explain... I hope CT 11 can get finished soon because it's sad to see it ending in the middle of nowhere.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello from Florida! Iím a former resident from Franklin Township. The Parkway isnít really a favorite of mine, though.

Welcome from Massachusetts.

Heyo there! Welcome from Georgia! Hope you have a fun time here on the AARoads forum!  :colorful:


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