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And another thing worth looking into.  It appears that the forum calendar is only used for birthdays.  I think it should be taken into consideration to add forum trivia nights and roadgeek meets to the calendar as well.  Any thoughts on that?

Well I was going to do it for my Trivia event next Saturday.

I will be a great to keep track of which roads meets are when and where. :D

Anybody can add their own events.


--- Quote from: voyager on February 24, 2009, 01:35:03 PM ---Anybody can add their own events.

--- End quote ---

But how?!?  I went to the help section of the forum, looked for the calendar topic.  It says that I can add an event by selecting Calendar from the main menu followed by Post Event from the calendar screen.  However, I checked on both Opera and Firefox and this Post Event option does not show up.


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